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Why should we study our whole life?

June 23, 2020

Lifelong learning is an idea about learning all one's life. In today's world of rapid exchange of huge amounts of information, it is no longer possible to deal with only one selected field. The specializations themselves are also aging rapidly, especially in the field of technology. Practically every day, new technology replaces the "outdated" one … From a year ago. Attention Marketing Research shows that 60% of people who will only enter the labor market by 2025 will practice a profession that does not exist at the moment. That is why the new term 'competence containers' was created. In short, this means that the new approach to learning speaks of acquiring the competence of "just moving" in a given field, the ability to search for information from a specific narrow range, instead of focusing on a narrow plot and only turning in that field. I'll compare to a fisherman and a fishing rod. Imagine a pond with 10 types of fish. There is a suitable rod for fishing for each species. In this situation, we are able to learn their types. Now imagine that there are 10,000 species in the pond. In this arrangement, the matter does not seem so simple. The new approach to learning meets the solution to this problem. These containers say that in this case we should learn the rules of building the rod as such, as well as the principles of building the device for effective fishing. At this moment, having this knowledge, we are able to customize the fishing rod for the hunting of a given fish.

Advantage on the new market … employer's market

Acquiring knowledge locked in containers allows us to become extremely flexible in today's world. This is by far the most ordered education system on the labor market. Combined with the idea of ​​LLL, they are an extremely attractive proposition for a potential employer. Our future boss, with much greater enthusiasm, will look at our CV, which includes a whole range of unrelated competences, than those that contain a diploma and experience in one and only one field. According to the LLL philosophy, we present ourselves as flexible people with critical and creative thinking. The very fact that we are gaining competence says immediately: An ambitious and hard-working person.


Writing about LLL, I immediately think of the Kaizen system. Let's show this Japanese philosophy on the example of a company. The use of kaizen does not only mean that the product or service meets specific quality requirements. Under this philosophy, quality boils down to a change in lifestyle - an endless process of improvement. Its basic rule is continuous commitment of employees at all levels and willingness to constantly improve the quality of the company and the product. It involves turning on the thought process at every stage of production. It is a response to an automated, traditional approach to mass production, which eliminates the need for a conscious assessment of the task being performed.

LLL for health

Our brain is the most plastic organ in our body. This means that it regenerates quickly after trauma, and also adapts to new tasks. In addition, he likes to work. Actually - I work all the time. The learning process has such an impact on him as a healthy lifestyle, diet, sport etc. For the rest of our body. Many serious diseases (especially those in the area of ​​the brain) can be successfully treated (of course as COMPLEMENTARY action for therapy under medical supervision) precisely through the exercise of our ganglia.