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About the foundation

The STELLA VIRIUM Qualifications Development Foundation (Opportunities Star) was established in 2013 to support and promote the idea of ​​continuous development. The concept of the Foundation emerged as a result of continuous observation of the changes and transformations taking place in the micro and macro environment and is a kind of response to changes taking place in the socio-economic area of ​​our country.

The activities of the Foundation focus on the implementation of projects in the field of supporting the idea of ​​Life-Long Learning, i.e. lifelong learning, improving professional competences, supporting the adaptation and adaptation of excluded people to the current requirements of the labor market and new environments, and supporting diversity and volunteering employees in organizations.

Since 2014, we have implemented over 20 editions of social support projects for people who are discriminated against, unemployed and at risk of professional exclusion. Until 2020, projects were carried out stationary, in Krakow and Wroclaw, and since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have adapted our activities to the online form, thanks to which we support people from all over Poland (including those living outside urban areas, as well as those experiencing difficulties in moving up).

We have already covered over 500 beneficiaries; including over 350 online participants;

We helped beneficiaries from 5 countries (Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Turkey, India). Among them, young people, under 20; mature people 50+ experiencing age discrimination; people working below qualifications, working in unfavorable conditions, at risk of losing their job.

The effectiveness of implemented projects is about 60% (so many beneficiaries change their professional situation permanently, 99% confirm the effectiveness and satisfaction with participation).

Our activities are supported by social institutions (including employment offices, career offices). The credibility of the projects is confirmed by the honorary patronages (of the Marshals of the Małopolskie and Pomorskie Voivodeships, as well as of the Krakow City Council).

We work with experts in the field of law, psychological support, as well as IT specialists, programmers and graphic designers. We carry out activities with volunteers from large, international organizations and Polish micro-companies.

We work with partners to create, improve and test a proprietary, innovative IT tool - an application for human capital and competency management in accordance with the 8-level level of the Polish Qualifications Framework.

We were a partner of the 1st International Congress of Qualifications; organizer of the "Star of Opportunities" Competition, the aim of which was to distinguish exceptional people who, despite their own limitations, break down barriers and act for the benefit of local communities.

The Foundation is also an accredited partner of Heuresis in the field of certification of the American Certification Institute (ACI) and the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI)