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Where to get support when looking for a job?

August 10, 2020

If our assumption is to find a satisfying job, and not "waiting" then it is definitely a job in itself and full-time. Some people manage to do it very quickly, others are unemployed for a long time. You can talk about happiness here - an individual matter. However, if we assume the element of happiness in this process, then "happiness should be helped". Therefore, we should not expect work to knock on our door - nor any important thing for us. In the following, I will describe the ways that I believe make up a good job search plan, but for now I would like to focus on the most important process - my own psyche.


Attitude is a key aspect of your actions. This applies not only to your job search. If we turn to a more general consideration for a moment - we can treat the job search as a problem. The problem in terms of definition - that is, something that requires focusing on the topic, our commitment and work to "overcome" it. We can see that all these activities are practically impossible without the "support" of our psyche. Our attitude - returning to the topic, determines not only finding a job, but also our performance in the position. There are a lot of ways to get motivated and some of them I have already described in previous entries. Assuming that we are "tightened and ready" for the job hunting process, let's look at the different ways I think about a good plan of action:

  • prepare to look for a job as best you can (prepare the necessary documents: CV and cover letter),
  • spend enough time on it and put enough effort into your activities,
  • act systematically and consistently,
  • use all available ways to find a job,
  • be prepared for the fact that maybe not as fast as you would like to, but you will find a job,
  • do not be discouraged by temporary failures and try to think positively,
  • constantly develop your job search skills and improve your professional qualifications.

How, where and what am I actually looking for?

These three questions are extremely important in choosing a good position for yourself. We have already answered the first of them - summing up: ACTIVE. There are many places to look for a job. I would even say that a lot these days. We currently have an employee market. It is the employers who will look for hands to work. I will only mention "a few" places where we can look:

  • own network of contacts - acquaintances, friends, family,
  • press announcements,
  • other types of advertisements,
  • economic press releases,
  • radio and TV stations,
  • Internet,
  • personnel consulting agencies,
  • employment agencies,
  • temporary work agencies,
  • labor offices,
  • Information and Career Planning Centers,
  • offices and job clubs,
  • Communal Information Centers,
  • Academic Career Offices,
  • job fairs and fairs,
  • other institutions and organizations to actively support job search,
  • institutions and organizations involved in volunteering,
  • potential employers and their apprenticeship and internship programs.

The important issue is to adjust the work to our needs. First, think about the industry. It would be perfect if it coincides with yours, then, as the saying goes: "you will not spend a single day at work". Another thing is, of course, the very nature of the duties performed. If you are not very fond of human contact, "rather" will not be a good salesperson. In addition, there are a number of other factors, such as the place of work, travel or, of course, remuneration. As you can see this is a broad topic, it can be properly said that it is a river topic. Nowadays, and with the right attitude, we are simply "doomed to success" when it comes to looking for a job.

Good luck!