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What are some examples of soft skills?

May 29, 2020

In today's article I would like to introduce the topic of competence, and more specifically the so-called competence "Soft". The issue is really crucial for many conscious employers. It is worth knowing your strengths and weaknesses in this respect, because the aforementioned awareness of employers from the importance of soft skills is growing significantly. According to the report presented by the Warsaw School of Economics, the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland and Ernst & Young entitled: "Competences and qualifications sought among university graduates coming to the labor market" the most important criterion used by the company when employing graduates are personal and interpersonal competences. How sought after are employers? In percentage terms, 32% of entrepreneurs put them in the first place, with advantages such as education or grade on the diploma being 7 and 2 percent, respectively. The results speak for themselves.

What are these soft skills?

They are a patchwork of various "internal" human competences. These are our qualities such as communication skills and assertiveness. Each of us is born with a certain set of them. Scientists report that genes account for about 30 percent of us. The remaining 70 constitute education, the environment in which we live and in which we surround ourselves on a daily basis. There are no perfect people and each of us has some imperfections, so-called competence gaps, but heads up! We are able to catch up if we diagnose them properly - provided, of course, that we want to develop … Generally, we can divide soft competences into two groups:

Personal skills are the skills necessary for effective self-management. Among them are:

  • managing yourself over time
  • coping with stress
  • self motivation
  • emotional intelligence
  • assertiveness
  • creativity and much more.

Interpersonal skills - also known as communication skills - are used in relationships with other people. Among them are:

  • persuasive skills
  • motivating others to work
  • conflict resolution
  • self-presentation
  • task delegation
  • teamwork etc.

As we can see, these features have one common denominator: contact with another person. We are social beings and our soft skills are realized in society.