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What are some examples of hard skills?

June 3, 2020

The interviewers focus on our hard competences, so it is worth including them in your CV. It would be a good idea to do thorough research of the company. Thanks to knowledge about it, it will be easier for us to choose and adjust skills that suit just the job, and by the way catch the attention of employers. Let's be what they are looking for!
But what are these hard skills really?
This category includes substantive knowledge and skills that are measurable, which will facilitate our work and which will positively translate into the quality of our tasks.
They are tailored to the job, on the example- specialist competences of mechanics and computer science differ from each other.
We already know what hard skills are we also know how important they are. Therefore, it is worth learning examples of such competences to easily recognize them in yourself and put them into interesting CV.

The examples of hard skills:

  • driving license of different categories
  • knowledge of Java, Python, Ruby programming languages
  • knowledge of foreign languages, it's always a good idea to enter your skill level
  • knowledge of 3D modeling programs
  • ability to use the Office suite
  • accounting
  • planning and conducting activities in the organization
  • Photoshop skills
  • knowledge of the gastronomy industry
  • service cash register

Our previous professional practice can also be treated as hard competences, what we have learned in the previous company and the results achieved there can be an interesting complement to the CV.
Have you run a blog or Facebook fanpage? Have you contributed to a significant increase in the company's turnover? Or maybe thanks to your interpersonal skills you have expanded the database with a group of regular customers?
Don't resist talking about your strengths. Presenting your results in a measurable way will attract the attention of the employer and make a good impression on him, it is valued!

It is also worth emphasizing that hard competences are not diminished by soft ones. A person can be an outstanding specialist, but due to rudeness and impulsiveness it will be difficult for him to build a lasting team or customer base. So let's take care of our career holistically- let's develop on thematic training, expand our knowledge in all possible ways, but let's not forget about the importance of teamwork and the practice of managing stress.
Mastering the skills of both groups will be a great combination, it will make us a desirable employee on the labor market.