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What are the benefits of working in a corporation?

May 19, 2020

Many people taking their first steps in the labor market decide, or at least seriously think about the corporation. Job offers in such international colossi tempt their potential employees with a wide range of bonuses or extras, often unavailable in work in domestic companies. As a foundation, we would like to introduce you to some of the advantages of working in a corporation, as our projects such as Carieer Turn or the last Carieer Boost - are strongly focused on employing our clients in these places.

Corpo - rat

Why, corpo - rat? That's because English is an absolute "must" in corporations as we work in an international group and otherwise it would be difficult to communicate. The term - quite offensive, came from the fact that being a "rope" employee in an international organization, you do this kind of work … a lot of work. You are a cog in a machine, and it is obvious that the more complex the machine the more cogs. Corporations are very large and complex machines - that's the whole philosophy. Such work is obviously not for everyone, but many people find themselves in this type of everyday, thereby performing their duties. We, as a foundation, do not like this term, precisely from the above-mentioned obviousities. As the saying goes: "everyone according to needs" and let's stick to it.

A lot in return

International organizations, with their "furry little ones", offer a lot of very attractive benefits, some of them directly, and some as a bonus resulting from working in a huge environment. I chose the ones that I think are the most attractive - I do not hide, as part of the preparation of this article, I relied on my feeling: "crap, cool". However, I think that many of you reading this post have similar feelings. To work:

  • First, primo - financial stability. Withdrawals always on time, you don't have to worry about unpaid bills. You can often count on bonuses.
  • Health insurance and pension contributions are usually included in the salary.
  • Greater opportunity for promotion … if you are really good in your profession, there are many possibilities to 'jump' to a higher position.
  • Courses and trainings provided by the employer to improve qualifications - this is one of my favorite points.
  • Possibility of transfer - depending on the company to another city or even country. If you dream about working abroad, a corporation can be a hit!
  • The possibility of cooperation with the best specialists in a given industry, learning from them is a great plus!

As we can see, the characteristics of work in a corporation look very tempting. Of course, as in every job, there will be minuses, but even in "dream" works, not everything is pink with gold stars. In our opinion, the pros and cons balance is very positive in favor of working in an international organization, which is why we strongly encourage all those looking for their career paths to be interested in the Carieer Turn and Carieer Boost programs.