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Volunteering today, or how volunteering looks like in '' plague times ''

April 1, 2020

William Golding said: "The good whose holy spirit did not breathe into the world must be fulfilled through and through human nature." His quote is so clearly seen in the behavior of people today. We can see the enormity of our society's activities, which we can motivate to a large extent with human nature, because it is a huge part of it - the need, the desire to do good. Of course, we are talking about volunteer work, "civilians", without thinking about putting on a helmet, catching buckets full of water and putting out the fire that is devastating our planet, our common home.

Everyday volunteers

In the media, various examples of money and food collections or charity campaigns are given, almost every day, for masks - more organized ones, e.g. through foundations that collect protective accessories sewn from people in the home corner, or more spontaneous ones. Every day, people help by bringing food, necessary articles of everyday life or buying medicines for the elderly, who are known to be at greatest risk of contracting a dangerous pathogen and should be especially at home. Every day, young people risk getting help, getting sick, and to a small percentage, but always - even death. We can't forget about adults here, because they also help as much as they can. In the block I live in, our small community organized itself, appointing help hours for the elderly living alone. A truly heroic attitude, reinforcing the statement that man - it sounds proud. The activities of providing assistance on a daily basis were very clearly oriented towards helping the government according to the principle of "all hands on board" and I can write with pride that we are up to the task. Entire industries that provide their services free of charge are also involved. Take for example a restaurant that, without any profit, deliver meals to hospitals, for our heroes in white coats, in order to add their "brick" in this uneven fight.

"Weapons" manufacturers

Technical industries also meet the needs. Krakow engineers designed, printed and assembled the respirator. The impetus for the creation of this project was the worldwide developing pandemic disease caused by coronavirus. In addition, anyone with a mid-range 3d printer can download the device design for free, which is the "command" for the printers to produce. All you have to do is buy the material, which value is PLN 200 at the moment, but that's the price of a standard respirator.

Perseverance help

In social media, everyone can announce help as part of their specialization. Many psychologists give free advice during this difficult time. Knowing how to deal with chronic stress, anxiety and uncertainty is invaluable for our morals.

Certainly, there will be more and more ideas for help meeting the needs, because as we can see, people do not have to be encouraged to carry help. In the event that life put us to the test and said check - every day we pass this test from society and I deeply believe that when the war dust settles and the spread of the plague is stopped, many of us looking in the mirror in the morning will smile at each other - and will have a total reason!