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Together we have the power!

May 5, 2020

In the last article we tried to tackle the topic of aggression resulting from the current epidemiological situation. We described what aggression is and why we need such emotion. We focused mainly on the negative approach to the issue, and today as a positive message, let's focus on action resulting from a healthy "pissed off". At once, my Polish national trait comes to mind, about which I wrote earlier and today as an example - I would like to focus on it. Do you say something "Solidarity" to your loved ones? That's right … it was not without reason that the liberation movement from the PRL was called. This enormous human stir in the situation at that time was undoubtedly a consequence of "pissed off" at the then prevailing system, but the form it took, its size and social support undoubtedly entered the pages of world history as a phenomenon. We know many cases from history when the strong bowed to the weaker. "Looking even more back in history, to the times of World War II, the capital immediately comes to mind. During World War II, there was no other such large and organized uprising as the Warsaw Uprising. When writing about this time, the words of Father Józef Tischner come to mind:

It is not true that only the strong have the right to exist. We know from history many cases when the strong bent before the weak.

Examples from history that show our uniting in the face of danger I can multiply and multiply. Fortunately, we do not have to resort to uprisings or other forms of united opposition to governments these days. Our opponent is the virus. In the case of this microscopic enemy, we also have a whole bunch of examples that show how bottom-up movements work that say "NO" to this pest. We do not agree to the oppression resulting from sanitary restrictions, we do not agree to restrict contact with other people and finally we do not agree to his harvest. All these contradictions place the border of our lifestyle. Living in a sense of security is not fear. Created on the basis of this peculiar aggression (because what else is saying "I DO NOT AGREE" as not just a well-channeled emotion) of initiatives is an active fight against our common enemy.

Interesting considerations can be made, which is the reason why we, as a nation, are able to organize quickly and effectively to face adversity in the face of danger. History has certainly taught us a lot, but the essence here and now is how we handle the current situation. And we're doing great. This is another crisis in our modern history that shows our prudence. Unfortunately, only this crisis is measured by the number of cases and deaths. Nevertheless, they are (while maintaining the proportionality of the population of a given country) significantly smaller than in other countries. At present, the incidence curve is falling, so at this moment and very carefully we can trumpet the half success. The obvious consequence of the slowdown of the global economy will be the crisis, but experience makes us look to the future with optimism that we will deal with this threat in a spirit of community and unity.