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July 21, 2020

I would like to address today's post to people who are socially excluded for a variety of reasons. As you know, the goal of our Foundation is to help such people through the Career Turn, Bariers Breaking Opportunity, etc. programs. the demands of the current labor market. Additionally, we focus on coaching / mentoring of the work environment in order to prepare our candidate for the challenges of the labor market in the best possible way. We help in finding a job and watch over the first steps of our pupils' new career path.

Inner child

We come into this world and no one has instructed us before what to expect. Suddenly we come out of an airtight, safe environment and we open our eyes wide for the first time… also in surprise because everything is new and unknown. At the "start", our parents look after us and they help us take our first steps. With time, we transfer this "care" onto ourselves. We are becoming more and more independent from our parents and we are starting to take care of our own needs more and more. We are starting to take over the role of parents in caring for our inner child - who is with us all the time until the end of our days.

Emotional challenges

There are moments in life when we have to get out of our comfort zone to start new - unknown. Undoubtedly, such a time is when you start your first job or change it. Our pupils are facing this new situation. We help not only in this substantive sphere, from the most mundane matters, such as writing a good CV, to the aforementioned training sessions. One of the most important aspects, not only in topics related to our foundation, but also throughout life, is good care for your inner child. We should focus on its protection the more we face emotionally involving our resources - challenges. That is why we place great emphasis on the psychological aspect. We want to get to know our participants, what they like and what less. We use various tools for this, such as personal questionnaires, which allow us to match a given person to the workplace, in terms of attractiveness, precisely - for him. Performing duties at work that is not suitable for us is actually the certainty that our inner child will find himself badly in the situation with us, and our work itself will be much less efficient.