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Job requirements - the most qualified candidate is NOT the best candidate

July 28, 2020

The vast majority of job advertisements contain a range of requirements that a potential candidate should meet. We are talking about professional education, knowledge within a given issue or specific psycho-physical predispositions.

Of course, there are very specialized professions, and that's what we're talking about here. The general majority of advertisements refer to more "social" positions in nature. Today's post is dedicated to these jobs.


The world is racing forward at a dizzying pace. This is clearly visible when looking at, for example, the broadly understood IT industry. Technologies that were considered a "revolutionary novelty" for a year, two, five years are now common and do not surprise anyone. How does this fact relate to the way of searching and matching participants for a given position?

We are looking for a man

Currently in our home market there is the so-called "Employee market". It means neither more nor less that there is a lot of work and definitely enough for everyone who is looking for.

This fact, of course, pleases potential employees, but also brings with it some significant challenges for the employer himself. First, the working conditions themselves. The most important aspect is of course and invariably the remuneration. There are no 10 or even more candidates for a given place. People have a lot to choose from when it comes to offers. Employers compete for employees, in a way, attracting them with all kinds of bonuses and benefits.

The development of the Polish economy, and thus the need for new hands to work, poses a specific question regarding the requirements of the employers. What hands? Are you a specialist in a narrow field? Of course, such people are always needed, and such positions are generally secured. The vast majority of owners of their own businesses look for something completely different at work.

In my view

Being a participant of many conferences and fairs related to the search for employees, I come to the conclusion (which is confirmed in extensive research) that employers mostly focus on the so-called Soft competences in your employees. Features such as commitment at work, curiosity, reliability and conscientiousness are valued much higher than mere hard knowledge in a given field. It has to do with what I wrote earlier. The world is developing so fast and changing so dynamically that it is impossible to "settle" on what we have learned once - without developing our field.

Therefore, the focus on the CV itself has changed as well. Of course, the part devoted to the trainee's education is still very important, but attention is paid to the things that give information about the person himself. For example, if the applicant has numerous hobbies and enters them in his CV, even if they are not related to the position for which he is applying, this gives information to the potential employer. About the fact that the person is curious, likes to learn new things, etc. It is worth considering writing your portfolio in this way. It will surely stand out among only "hard" documents and our chances of getting our dream position increase!