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Job opportunities in Poland for returnees from emigration part 2

July 7, 2020

As agreed, in today's post - I will finish the topics I have gathered to help me find a new place on our labor market that awaits our compatriots returning from emigration. Of course, this is only a small part of what the labor market offers our countrymen. I focused here on the help available to our State, i.e. government assistance. Of course, there are many non-governmental organizations offering this type of service, which are also worth paying attention to. A person returning to the country and registering at the labor office as a jobseeker, unemployed - can count on the following forms of support:

  • job placement;
  • career counseling;
  • help in professional development through offered trainings, internships; professional preparation of adults;
  • financing post-graduate studies;
  • financing the cost of examinations enabling
  • obtaining documents confirming the acquisition of skills,
  • professional qualifications or qualifications; scholarships for continuing education;
  • assistance in taking up subsidized employment with an employer by referring to intervention or public works, referring to work for reimbursed jobs;
  • helping people in a particularly difficult situation on the labor market to take up employment by being directed to participate in a special program;
  • covering instruments supporting mobility and employment on the labor market, such as: training voucher, internship voucher, employment voucher, settlement voucher.

Vouchers are a relatively new form of professional activation and are intended for the unemployed up to the age of 30. They are to enable them to take up work or develop competences. Each of them includes financial support for the unemployed, and in the case of an employment voucher - assistance for the employment of the unemployed receives the employer.

An unemployed person receives a financing support up to 100% of the average salary as part of the training voucher in force on the date of granting the training voucher, the costs of one or several trainings, including the costs of the qualifying vocational course and the course granting professional qualifications; necessary medical examinations
or psychological; travel to training and accommodation.

The internship voucher, in turn, guarantees the referral of the unemployed person to an internship with the employer indicated by the unemployed person for 6 months, provided that the employer undertakes to employ the unemployed person after completing the internship for 6 months.

The employment voucher guarantees the employer reimbursement of part of the salary costs and social security contributions in connection with the employment of the unemployed, to whom the poviat labor office has granted this voucher. The employer's refund for these costs is made for 12 months

A settlement voucher is granted to an unemployed person up to 30 years of age in connection with taking up other gainful employment or business activity outside his current residence. This form of support is granted to the unemployed, who will be earned a salary or income of at least the minimum gross monthly salary for work; will be subject to social insurance and the employment period will last at least 6 months. Financial assistance for the unemployed resulting from the possession of a settlement voucher may not exceed 200% of the average remuneration for work.

The presented forms put various accents on the job search. Some are aimed at subsidized assistance, while others are aimed at improving qualifications or activation. However, they are all geared to help in finding employment. Even the short-term, which in turn leads to a permanent, long-term form of employment.