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Job opportunities in Poland for people returning from emigration

July 3, 2020

Return to the country is often associated with the uncertainty of finding yourself back in the domestic labor market. However, more and more people are deciding to take such a step due to a significant improvement in the economic situation in Poland compared to previous years. In today's post I collected some useful information about where a compatriot can get the necessary help in seeking employment. Let's start with the contact details. If a person does not have any place of residence, he can report to the labor office in the poviat in which he resides and make a declaration that he is not registered in another employment office as unemployed or jobseekers. Registration takes place after the presentation of the documents necessary to determine their status and rights. The following documents are needed for registration:

  • ID card or other photo ID (for other documents, additional proof of registration);
  • school-leaving certificates, diplomas or other documents confirming qualifications or certificates of completion of training;
  • employment certificates and other documents necessary to determine her rights under the provisions of the Employment Promotion Act;
  • a document stating contraindications to perform specific works, if such a document is available to a person.

Each client of the labor office (unemployed, jobseekers and employer) is looked after by a designated office worker who acts as a client advisor. The tasks of the client advisor include:

  • constant care for the unemployed or jobseekers, in particular preparation and supervision of individual implementation
  • action plan, providing basic labor market services in an individual form and facilitating access to other forms of assistance specified in the Act or permanent cooperation with the employer in the scope of assistance specified in the Act, in particular determining the demand for new employees and acquiring job offers under job placement and facilitating access to other forms of assistance specified in the Act.

A client advisor, with the participation of an unemployed or jobseeker, prepares an individual action plan (IPD), which includes, in particular: actions that can be applied by the employment office under the assistance specified in the Act:

  • activities planned for independent implementation by the unemployed or jobseekers to seek work;
  • planned deadlines for the implementation of individual activities;
  • forms, planned number and dates of contacts with a client advisor or other employment office employee;
  • deadline and conditions for completing the implementation of the individual action plan.

In the next post, I will elaborate further on the topic of our country's assistance to compatriots returning from emigration as part of maintaining the form of entries that are pleasing to the reader's eye.