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Homo homini lupus est...

April 29, 2020

Homo homini lupus est … probably everyone knows this phrase, but for the agenda "I will translate:" Man, man - wolf ". Is that really the case? Known and quoted in various situations sentence that defines part of human nature. Why the part? Is this negative and should we get rid of this piece of our construction? Finally, what does this sentence mean in today's world and how does it relate to the coronavirus situation? Let's try to answer these questions, and thus maybe we can describe this dr. Jekylla and mr. Hyde of human nature - our duality.

Man is a complex machine

There are such statements in psychology: "Man is spoken by emotions" and "Everything that flows into us as information is filtered by emotions". Let's explain these expressions briefly. With the first sentence, the point is that at the moment when emotions prevail over us, the ability to think critically is lost in man. It is dim, the body's need to discharge accumulated emotions: here, now and then. Therefore, very often, people over whom emotions prevail - to put it simply, who are unable to control themselves, will usually commit a lot of mistakes. Now what's up with this emotion filter? Well, it's about the level of our anatomy. Among the many systems of which we are composed (bone, blood, nervous, muscle, etc.) we distinguish the so-called The limbic system - popularly called the emotional system. This is the first system in our central nervous system that receives forwarded information received by our bodies. Hence this saying. What do the explanations for these two statements give us? Let's keep the cause-effect line, and the information flowing into us as the cause, and in turn "filtering" as the result. Therefore, we can confidently conclude that ALL emotions are important and we should NOT get rid of ANYTHING. For example, aggression is extremely needed. It serves to communicate to others where our borders are located, which should not be crossed. The idea is to use this "tool" for its intended purpose. Comparison of dr. Jekylla and mr. Hyde talks about the extremes of emotions, and every emotion should not be based on extremes.

Why is the Wolf part

Observation of the behavior of wolves watachy led to the answer to this question. In the system of functioning and social behavior of these beautiful animals, on the one hand, we observe a desire for a hierarchical system, headed by an alpha, but also a very clear marking of boundaries within its functions in the group. Selection through aggression. These animals are very active "climbing" the levels of "career" aggression. We can observe an analogy in people right? Only a small percentage of aggression occurs as a disorder called sadism. In the lion's share of accidents it is lined (which we often don't realize - fear). The question then arises: Can we recognize the sources of aggression and direct it properly? Yes of course! In nature, man is a good empathic being. So how do you combine goodness and aggression? Let's try to answer this question.

Dear bastard

We said about the basic function of aggression, i.e. marking your limits. We briefly describe the most common cause of aggression - fear. There are numerous examples in history in which we Poles are able to unite in this aggression, fear and act in solidarity - which is widely known all over the world and often served as an example of our national trait. I will want to write about this as a next post to keep the text format pleasant for the reader. Let's return to our discussions about goodness and aggression. Nowadays, you create one word for us: UNCERTAINTY. Jura uncertainty - health, epidemiological restrictions, and finally economic uncertainty. It all causes fear. Defined fear is fear. We are scared. It's healthy and natural. Does it bring a lot of aggression? Sure and it's also the most healthy. This emotional state, poorly directed, will not really solve any problem, but it will certainly introduce even greater chaos (which is already huge), not to mention the health consequences of stress. Sure, there are a lot of examples of anxiety - badly directed aggression, but there are also a lot of those in which aggression was used as intended. Since the beginning of the coronavius, many more or less organized social initiatives have emerged that at this psychological level show a healthy fear response in a correctly oriented manner. The Fear-Aggression relationship turned into mobilization. Counteracting, the effects of economic impoverishment, mutual assistance. ACTIVE operation and MOBILIZATION. These are examples of strength that should result from aggression! In fact, the heart is happy how many examples of food collections can be seen, help for the elderly, even when shopping, or, for example, Great initiatives of our great Polish engineers who developed a functional respirator using 3D printing for PLN 200! These are examples that confirm my earlier statement that we humans are, by nature, good beings.

The next part of the approach to our "Wolfiness" theme in the next article. See you and take care healthy beloved!