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"The day after", or the labor market after a pandemic

April 2, 2020

In today's blog we will try to analyze how the approach to the labor market and its aspects can change … and it will change for sure. I would like to emphasize at the beginning that all elements of our conditioning are preceded by the word "maybe". We don't really know which way it will go. Let's take the starting point, that is current epidemiological forecasts saying that the peak of virus activity is estimated at April 20-25. After this period, and while maintaining various means of increased vigilance, we hope to slowly return to the world, to the economy.

Forecasts and what results from them?

As at 02/04/2020 - that is, the time when I write this blog, the estimates are as follows. Unemployment will rise from 5% to 10% by the end of the year, which means it will double and this is an optimistic forecast! This will definitely affect the labor market. How? Generally speaking, it will change from the employee's current market to the employer's market. Many employers will fail, and those who "survive" will bet on new employees with the required qualifications to rebuild their businesses as efficiently as possible. Therefore, it is WORTH to take care of your development now in terms of the requirements of the post-pandemic world. According to the "Long time learning" principle, which has guided our foundation from the very beginning, we wanted to outline how important, and especially now is the broad development of the range of our competences. In particular, we direct this post to people with disabilities, all people for various reasons excluded from social life or returning to the labor market after a long break and looking in it - now and now, their place. Many of us work remotely from home at the moment. This is undoubtedly a difficulty in which we found ourselves, but also an open window for thinking in which direction we want to go, in life or in our professional path. This is a great moment to shape your workshop for remote work, because its form is the most likely scenario for the development of the situation. Remote courses, training, the opportunity to acquire new skills, as well as confirming them with certificates passed also in the elearning formula is an undoubted and near future, which is rapidly developing now.

Foundation in the "time of the plague"

The Stella Virium Foundation, together with State Street Bank, runs a project called BBO - Breaking Barrier Opportunity. It is a FREE barrier breaking project that is part of the strategy of diversity and inclusion in State Street, but also in all BPO / SSC organizations in Poland. At the same time, the CareerTurn project is being run, the premise is to help, in particular, people with disabilities, without higher education and professional experience, a mature person and more! Both of these programs offer substantive assistance in the field of career counseling, learning the principles of corporate work and much more.

We can assume with a fairly high degree of probability that a digitized future will bring a kind of reshuffling of desired competences on the labor market, which is why we encourage you, dear, to develop and broaden your skills.