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Career Boost, Career Turn, Barriers Breaking Opportunity - what's all this for?

July 23, 2020

I would like to describe today's post from my own perspective. I work for a foundation as a participant in one of these great programs. I worked for a company in Krakow for many years, until I realized that I needed a change. The program in which I participated offered me a three-month paid internship in a selected company, as well as the help of a job broker when finding it.

This, I think, was the most attractive for me, as I wanted to set up my business, the foundation helped me enter the market. Such an attractive form of "crowning" activation programs is offered, for example, by Bareer Breaking Oportunity - our cooperation with the State Street corporation.

Program - a pill

Preparation of the participant to the labor market took place on two tracks simultaneously. Each of us worked with a general subject for everyone, I would call it "employee savoir vivre". As such programs are addressed to people who are to a large extent and for various reasons socially excluded - a lot of emphasis was put on the correctness of behavior in a group, work team, cooperation, etc. It was based on comprehensive individual work of participants and a psychologist.

This is a great solution that allowed the beneficiaries to learn a lot of interesting information about themselves, e.g. in terms of work - what type of job would be best suited for them.

This type of assistance is also offered in the Career Boost and Career turn programs - it is not obligatory, but I strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of it! Information about writing my CV turned out to be an additional, very interesting form of help. I must admit that I have never done one, and thanks to the program I wrote quite a nice CV in the current trends.

The second part of the entire program, several months in total, was more specialized training. Tailored to the interests of participants, and above all, according to their willingness to develop in a given direction. It took longer than in the case of our programs, because first it was necessary to get to know the participants - then, on the basis of detailed interviews, to search for and select the appropriate contractors.

In the case of our initiatives, the goal and scope of training has been set in advance, so people who apply know what they are looking for … and find full, comprehensive help in our business!