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"Calm at work" - you can try with this approach

July 14, 2020

In today's post, I would like to share with you, a sure way to do work - in terms of work as activities that we perform every day, not just the "business" ones.

"Calm at work" - he often used to say that during my competitive times. I didn't fully understand it then, as a young judo player, I was a bit at peace with such a dynamic sport. I approached it one to one. The explanation of what is going on is quite simple and understanding this is the beginning of the road to really understanding the issue. Let's look at the process of accepting life attitudes, beliefs, etc. Two factors are important here. Intellectual concept (that is, the already mentioned understanding of the subject) and emotional reception ("you have to feel"). The latter is much more important than the first.

What`s up with this?

Calm at work, in the understanding of my former trainer, is a kind of orderliness and acceptance. What exactly I will explain it for example. I am learning a certain technique of putting on a choke. My colleague learned faster. And what about it? Well … nothing. Here is humility and acceptance of one's own predispositions, without comparing them with the properties of others. It's healthy focusing on yourself. Very aware, without unnecessary "distractions". This approach allows you to maintain the full potential of your energy and direct it in the right way. Another example: I don't want to go to training today … so … I'm going! Relax, I understand that sometimes the body rebels - you just don't want to. Calm down, I'm going my way, and laziness "my way."

When did I feel that?

In my particular case, when the attitude contributed to success. Not great, but such within my capabilities. I won 3rd place at the Polish Championships in this sport. It was the result of this approach. Calmly doing "your" regardless of the intermediate competition in which I did not do well and not growing in feathers in such that I did great. Same in training. I worked calmly, not focusing on defeats or wins in sparrings. What I focused on was regularity and awareness of the training cycle. It is different for each sport and I will not focus here because it would be too big "offtopic". In any case, this is how to work.

Competitor times are a thing of the past, but this invaluable lesson remains. You can easily translate it into every aspect of our lives because it talks about nothing but work. Even now. When I write this text, the beautiful sun is shining and people would like to go to the water, but there is also time for this activity, e.g. at the weekend. Now I hope to write an interesting text. The joy of doing the work achieved