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Spread Your Wings

The 2nd edition of the Spread Your Wings project in spring 2024!

Don't miss your opportunity to spread your wings on the Polish labor market!

If you came to Poland from Ukraine after the war and would like to find your way on the Polish labour market, we invite you to participate in the free project Spread Your Wings.

The aim of the project is to help people find their way in the Polish labour market by:

  • Overcoming the language barrier to enable you to take up a job in line with your qualifications
  • Equip you with the knowledge necessary to navigate the Polish labour market, as well as knowledge of the law and state-of-the-art working standards and business communication
  • Psychological support and mentoring
  • Funding for personal development for the best-performing participants

And in addition, a knowledge base will be created, made available free of charge on the Foundation's website.

Within the project we offer:

What we offerHowWhen
Intensive Polish Language Course
(fundamentals of business communication)
on-line, daily,
approx. 1.5h Monday - Friday
from 3 April 2023
Thematic training courses on, for example:
-labour market
-document production and job interview
-law at work and in everyday life
-business communication standards
on-line, daily,
approx. 1.5h Monday - Friday
from 24 April 2023
Discussion clubs in Polish to practise speaking Polish :)1 x per week
Stationary in Krakow and Wroclaw
from May 2023
Mentoringon-linefrom June 2023

Enrolment from 1 February 2023 via the tab: APPLY

As part of the project you will be supported by:

UBS VOLUNTEERS TEAM, whose leaders are:

Alina Piatkovska

  • Was born in Ukraine, and living in Poland for 10 years.
  • Has 9 years of working experience in corporations, currently working for UBS as Community Impact Specialist.
  • Enjoys to get involved in additional activities at work, some of which include being a trainer and project lead for Career Turn CSR project.
  • Cannot imagine her life without travelling. Her favourite destination is Portugal, she even started learning Portuguese to feel more like at home there
  • Fan of gardening, yoga, sports, painting and pottery.

Oleksii Akinfiiev

  • Originally coming from Kyiv, and living in Krakow for last 17 years.
  • Over 15 years of experience in IT in international companies in Telecom and Financial domains.
  • ·Over last 8 years I’m mostly focused on people management and expecially aspect of career growth and personal development.
  • Music is his passion – both listening (nothing can beat live music!) and playing different instruments.


Liliia Pylypchuk

  • Born in Ukraine and has lived in Poland for over 7 years.
  • She has 17 years of professional experience and provides individual psychotherapy, transformational games and practices neurography. She is also an author of trainings on personal development.
  • Co-founder of the Business Jump development centre, speaks Polish, Ukrainian and Russian freely. Likes to get involved in social projects.
  • Privately a happy woman, married and mother of two sons. She loves walks, trips with her family and cooking.