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Helping Hand - Edition III

What is Helping Hand III?

This is the third edition of a FREE, educational project for people interested in starting work in an international environment, focused on learning business English, IT tools useful at work and learning about modern working standards.

The project is designed to show participants the specifics of working in an international environment, taking into account the specifics of working in the various departments of the company "from the inside", and to give them the opportunity to test and strengthen their language skills through training conducted entirely in English and dedicated individual conversations in Business English. All project activities are led by State Street employee-volunteers who share their knowledge and experience with participants to help them achieve their chosen career goal.

Who are we targeting with the project?

To diverse, disadvantaged people in the labour market, unemployed, at risk of exclusion:

including people:

  • with disabilities;
  • with no experience of working in a corporation;
  • disadvantaged by age, background or any other reason;
  • caregivers of dependent persons (children, the elderly);
  • returning to the labour market after a long break;
  • refugees and immigrants.

When will the Helping Hand - 3rd edition be held?

Project activities will be delivered online:
Training module: 5-7 i 12-16 June 2023
Other supporting activities:

  • mentoring;
  • coaching;
  • conversational Business English

will take place in July-September 2023.

As part of the project, we offer:

  • real-time, online training in English (approx. 5 hours per day)
  • individual conversations in Business English
  • individual meetings with a mentor/coach
  • training in recruitment interview (mock interview)
  • certificate confirming acquired competences

The project envisages training in business competences such as business communication, time management, MS Office in a specific working environment, a look at the BPO/SSC sector from the inside, support in preparing a CV.

What we require from candidates:

  • Knowledge of English of at least a communicative level
  • At least basic knowledge of MS Office
  • Strong motivation to change your professional situation

Benefits of taking part in the project:

The project will enable you to:

  • enter or return to the labour market
  • increase confidence and motivation in seeking employment
  • gain new competences
  • adapt to the new working environment
  • broaden the network of contacts


accepted from 15 March to 18 May 2023 via the APPLY tab
(number of places limited)

And here is the feedback from participants in the second edition (2022):

Anna C:

I'm really happy that I had an opportunity to take part in Helping Hand project. Although I have a lot of friends working in multicultural environment, the whole project opened my eyes to different aspects of working in such company. I really appreciated time spend during both mentoring sessions and English classes (...) We worked on my CV. [My English tutor] also helped me to prepare to interviews in English. She was always open to help and inspired me with good books to read in specified themes and places to look for more information. [My mentor] was there to help achieve my goals in context of preparing my CV and myself for an interview. She also led me in building my self confidence in this area, always sharing her experience and knowledge (...) I've applied for job in State Street during Helping Hand and I've received a job offer (...) I'm starting my new job in December! I think it is the best review of this program and how it worked for me :) Thank you Stella Virium and State Street team for your time and great job

Anna R:

Thank you, first of all, for the chance I got from you. It came at a time when I failed to pass a certain exam and it seemed to me that nothing would change in my life. Oh how wrong I was :) Two weeks of meetings with State Street and your Foundation were the basis for me to build a sense that things will still be beautiful. During the meetings I outlined what I wanted to do in my professional life. First of all , I found a job. I found it on my own, without anyone's help. I went to the interview confident in my strengths, but also unafraid to talk about possible risks on my part (children= illnesses and other unforeseen situations) To start with, I got a salary much higher than I assumed for myself. These are my personal successes, but also those of your Foundation and State Street. You bring out the best in women and don't let them feel inferior just because they haven't worked professionally for most of their lives. Thank you for everything!

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