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Career Turn 2024 Wroclaw

A unique opportunity to feel the atmosphere of work in a corporation - we are returning to the stationary edition of the project.
Career Turn Wrocław, UBS, 1-12 July 2024

Would you like the opportunity to experience corporate work from the inside?

Do you want to improve or change your professional competences?

Do you have a good command of English?

If so, join the 19th edition of the Career Turn project held at the headquarters of project partner UBS in Wrocław.

What is Career Turn?

This is a FREE, educational project for people interested in changing their career path and starting to work in international organisations. Our aim is to provide training support and effective career activation.

If you have a communicative command of English and would like to participate in a 2-week series of extremely interesting and marketable training courses that will prepare you for your profession and work in international organisations, then you are a candidate for Career Turn. Our project involves people from different social groups, in different work situations, of different nationalities. If you are interested and have more questions, please call us and we will be happy to answer all your questions!

Who are we targeting with the project?

The project is aimed at people currently in a difficult situation on the labour market:

  • unemployed,
  • at risk of losing their jobs or working below their qualifications,
  • without higher education, without work experience,
  • mature people, over 45 years old,
  • people with disabilities,
  • people returning from emigration,
  • parents returning to the labour market,
  • but not only!

What are the benefits of the project?

  • Dozens of hours of practical training and individual coaching and mentoring.
  • Support from UBS employees.
  • Participation in a prestigious project carried out at UBS headquarters.
  • Measurable result, as more than 60% of the participants of the previous editions have already taken up a job.


1-12 OF JULY 2024 at 9AM-15PM


Stationary in Wrocław in the premises of the project partner - UBS
Other forms of support: mentoring/coaching to be used within 3 months from the end of the training (dates to be agreed individually).

Example modules:

  • Navigating the job market and Linkedin as a helpful tool in the job search
  • The job interview - how to prepare for it (theory)
  • Job interview - the art of self-presentation (practice)
  • Personal development tools
  • How to organise your time and tasks to be effective?
  • Why diversity in teams is so important (diversity management)
  • Information security in everyday life
  • Introduction to project management (Agile)
  • MS Excel
  • Conversational English

What do we require from the candidates?

  • Knowledge of English at a communicative level, as classes are conducted in this language.
  • Opportunities for in-person participation in the project - training takes place in person at the premises of project partner UBS from 1-12 July 2024.


18.04.2024. - 18.06.2024. - Collection of applications via the application form on the website (APPLY tap in the upper right corner)

6.05.2024. - 21.06.2024. – Individual information and recruitment interview with a representative of the Foundation and UBS + online English language test

untill 21.06.2024. announcement of the list of persons qualified for the project (message sent by e-mail to the address of the candidates indicated in the application form)

1.07.2024.-12.07.2024. - Training in Wroclaw, at UBS headquarters, conducted by UBS employees

The project is being carried out under the honorary patronage of

Cracow City Council

Training will be provided by, among others:

Roberto Picchiotti

  • Graduated in Rome in Corporate Communication and Institutional Relations.
    He gained professional experience in the corporate environment after moving to Poland in 2014 and working in a variety of positions in the IT field.
  • In his current role he's managing a small team responsible on one side for the training of the local service desk team and on the other to audit the quality of their work.
  • He is also leading the internal DE&I network focused at fostering Cultural Awareness to support the inclusion of employees with various cultural backgrounds.
  • In his free time, Roberto enjoys listening to history podcast and reading classical literature or contemporary philosophy/psychology.

Alina Piatkovska

  • Born in Ukraine, but living in Poland for 9 years
  • 8 years of working experience in corporations, currently working for UBS for 5 years as Business manager in Chief of Staff team.
  • Likes to get involved in additional activities at work, some of which include being a trainer and project lead for Career Turn CSR project
  • Can’t imagine her life without travelling, Fan of gardening, yoga, sports and painting.


Rada Miasta Krakowa

Rada Miasta Krakowa

Patronat Honorowy Rady Miasta Krakowa