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Career Boost VIII

Career Boost VIII is a 2-day webinar for job seekers with the opportunity to use a simulated interview and individual mentor support.

The ninth edition of the Career Boost project will take place in spring 2024. Keep an eye on our website and stay up to date.

The webinar will be held in two language groups:

16-17 October - classes conducted in Polish

18-19 October - classes conducted in English

The aim of the free Career Boost project is to help people who have lost their jobs or are forced to change jobs, among other things due to the current situation caused by COVID-19 and the conflict in Ukraine. The project also targets students and people looking for their first job in these difficult times.

Experts from UBS, together with a group of volunteer trainers, will share their knowledge and experience with all those who are currently looking for work.

As part of the Career Boost project, we offer:

  • Two-part, highly practical webinar (2 x 4h), delivered online from 9 am to 2 pm
  • mentoring - 3 individual online meetings with a mentor (places run out - we accept sign-ups only for the reserve list)
  • simulated recruitment interviews - approx. 30 min individual simulation of a recruitment interview (based on submitted CV and job offer) with feedback (places run out - we accept sign-ups only for the reserve list)
  • certificate confirming participation in the project for participants who take part in all modules

Webinar programme:

  1. How to identify your strengths and talents and set goals like a professional
  • How to identify your goal and create a road map to achieve it
  • Personality types - how to understand where you fit in life
  • Tools for self-assessment and talent identification
  1. How to create a CV that your future employer will find irresistible
  • What is the role of the CV? Why do I need to do it and why do I need to do it well?
  • How to get started?
  • The role of aesthetics in a professional CV
  • Structure of the CV
  • CV content: What should I include in my CV? What should I avoid? (photo, personal information, etc.) In what language should I write my CV?
  • Evaluation of sample CVs of participants
  1. The secrets of the job search
  • Formal approach to job search (company websites, job portals, LinkedIn)
  • Informal approach to job search (networking, company recruitment, etc.)
  • How to make your search successful (job search criteria)
  • Analysis of job description with qualifications
  • Job search tips and advice
  1. How to prepare for a job interview

Successful preparation methods and tips for job interviews with recruiters (telephone interview) and with Hiring Manager (face-face meeting or online via Teams/ Zoom/ Skype).

Training agenda:

  • how to prepare answers based on your CV and job description,
  • how to answer behavioural questions (Competency Based Questions)
  • the most common mistakes made by job applicants (candidates) and how to avoid them.
  • Simulated recruitment interviews (conducted with participants who send in their CVs and the job they wish they apply for):Brief summary of strengths and areas for development based on CVs received
  • Recruitment interviews in Polish, English or Polish with elements of English on the basis of the CVs received
  • Conclusions - constructive feedback session
  1. About employment law - what you need to know as an employee
  • A brief summary of your rights and obligations as an employee
  • Question and answer session
  1. How to work effectively from home
  • Why working from home can save you time and teach you better time management
  • Working from home as the best thing you can experience in your life (tips and tricks)

Mentor/ Mentoring - what are they?

A mentor is a person who has knowledge and experience in a particular field and wants to share it with others. At Career Boost, mentors are volunteers - UBS employees who have already gone through the job search journey, acquired the professional competences required for the job market or position and now want to share their experiences to help others achieve their professional goal. During individual meetings, a mentor can share their knowledge, history and experiences with you, they can discuss your goal with you and give you individual guidance, help you create or improve your CV. Remember, however, that the mentor is a support and encouragement, but does not do the work for you. You are the one who is actively working towards your chosen goal.


13.10.2023MS Teams test connection for participants
16-17.10.2023Online webinar in Polish 9.00-14.00
18-19.10.2023Online webinar in English 9.00-14.00
26-27.10.2023Simulated recruitment interviews* (for both groups): 8.00-17.00
(places run out - we accept sign-ups only for the reserve list)
October 2023-January 2024Mentoring*
* mentoring and simulated interviews are provided for those who took part in the webinar

Enrolment will continue until places run out.

The trainings will be conducted by:

Karolina Molikiewicz
Project Leader and interviewer

Karolina is a Political Science and Administration graduate from the Pedagogical University in Cracow. Over 13 years of experience working in international environment, supporting recruitment and financial sectors globally.

She is currently working in the UBS Legal department managing internal projects and products.

Karolina likes engaging in additional initiatives at work such as being a trainer and leader of the Career Boost project, and a Career Turn trainer.

She enjoys gardening, cooking and actively spending time with her family after work.

Daria Matusik
Coordinator and trainer

Daria is a Political Science graduate from the Silesia University in Katowice and the MBA studies in Paris. She has more than 15 years of experience with working in international environment, supporting IT and project management sectors. Currently, she’s working as a Senior Consultant at UBS.

Daria enjoys taking up additional activities on top of her daily work duties, like becoming a trainer and coordinator of the Career Boost project. She’s interested in diversity matters and is getting involved in many events and projects in this area.

Privately, she’s passionate about photography and learning foreign languages, especially English, French and Italian.

Szymon Tomski

Szymon is a Design graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. He has more than 16 years of experience with working in international environment. He started his professional journey in marketing before moving into project and business management. Currently, Szymon is managing internal projects in UBS.

Supporting our Community Impact initiatives is very important to Szymon and that’s why he’s been involved in many volunteering projects both as their leader and participant.

In this private time, Szymon enjoys playing with his two cats. He’s also a big fan of snowboarding, MTB and motorsports.