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1. Szkolenie prawne: Prawo Pracy

Employment Law

What are the types of employment contracts?
What components does an employment contract consist of?
Can the terms and conditions of employment be changed?
Do you know the ways in which contracts can be terminated?
What rights do you have as an employee and what rights does your family have?
Are you entitled to employee training?
What is a flexible working pattern?
Parental leave - combining parental leave with work
Rights of an employee caring for a child under 8 years of age
Work-related pay
In what case is an employee entitled to compensation
 What are the employer's obligations?
Specific regulations concerning foreign nationals of Ukraine
Nostrification of diplomas

You will find the answer to these and other questions in the training video prepared within the Spread Your Wings project by the Stella Virium Foundation for Development and Qualifications in cooperation with UBS Solution Poland.

The training is conducted in Polish, in case of problems with understanding the content there is an option to include subtitles in Ukrainian.

We invite you to view the remaining training materials, which will help to familiarise you with the job search process.