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Why is your approach to looking for a job so important?

June 16, 2020

Changing jobs or the first job is undoubtedly a very stressful process. Of course, it involves a lot of financial responsibility, which just rests on a given family member. The time to find a new position is gradually increasing, as well as the competency requirements themselves. This is due to a change in the market from employee to employer. This change is caused by the economic breakdown, due to the COVID 19 situation. It will take a while before the wheel of the economy (including the world economy) accelerates back to its original speed. Therefore, let's look at the job search process at this particular time.

1. Plan

Let's prepare an action plan. Yes, the plan is important … just creating it and maintaining order in its implementation causes a significant decrease in nervousness, a certain tension. This is due to a simple fact - we are afraid of what we do not know. Okay, I know how to move about it, we are doing a known plan because it was created. We are introducing a familiar, easy to tame element to the stage of the new, unknown (because we do not know what solution will bring us fate).

3. Focus on the right things

Ok, we already know that sticking to the plan is essential. Well what plan? A very common mistake is to misdirect your attention. Considering dozens of completely theoretical scenarios as to what our potential employer can think of us during an interview. Usually, such considerations have little to do with the real situation. We have no influence on other people's decisions and behavior. Let's focus on ourselves. The whole art in this subject and in life, consists in striving to be the best version of yourself. For example, we apply for a job in which a B2 level language is required, and we only know it at B1 level. The current average time to find a new job in Poland is about 2 months. This is certainly enough time for a language course. You see, my dear, I'm going, right? Let's focus on pulling our shortcomings. These are definitely the best points that we can put in our plan.

3. Unemployment is not the end of the world you know?

Work as a very important and large element of our lives is undoubtedly a big pillar of our sense of security. It is obvious and completely natural that in the event of its loss or deliberate change, we feel somewhat lost. Our approach is key here … as for everything in life. It's hard to talk about life without the right approach. Rather, the word vegetation is at stake. As I wrote a moment ago, work is only an element of life. Current change in this area should not, and even cannot, be associated with a name in other equally important areas of life. Family, passions and hobbies, friends. You can't give up on all this - press pauses for a period of unemployment. This often happens, and this leads to states, depressed mood, anxiety, and finally depression. Do we have more time? Cool! Let's follow our daily plan for development or job search, and use the rest for other people close to us! Let's take care of ourselves and the environment as much as we can - also at this time, which, despite the uncertainty, is also very exciting and creating a lot of possibilities.