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How to prepare for a job search?

May 14, 2020

In today's post, I would like to introduce you to a topic that everyone has come across at least once in their lives, namely job search. This is undoubtedly a stressful time for everyone, but I will try to describe it to you through the prism of my story, which led me to work at our foundation.


After a few years of work in an old company, I decided it was time for change, but keeping my target task - working with English. The whole period in which I was unemployed lasted about 3 months. As a disabled person, I found, on a social networking site, an advertisement of pounding, helping people with disabilities to find employment. I thought: why not? It's such a "intermediary for the disabled". I decided to make an appointment at the institution's headquarters for the first interview. At first I didn't know what to expect. It turned out that job placement is the last part of the 3-month program for which I signed the contract. There was a very comprehensive (to my great surprise) "research" where my strengths and weaknesses are, what I am looking for, what kind of work is best for me etc. It turns out that these types of foundations prioritize not just finding a job his charges, but it is for such a person to be found in the position. Preparations for looking for a job went under the supervision of the leading staff, but I think that you can easily do such activities on your own.


The action plan contained a comprehensive diagnosis of the participant in terms of his cognitive predisposition and his interests. A living person who is willing to contact other people will most likely not find himself in the work of a library teacher. After a series of various conversations with vocational counselors and various personality tests, the time has come for proper training. I will add that this type of personality diagnosis can be safely found and carried out on the Internet. The "package" contained 3 trainings. One of customer service, the other "hard skills" - training from the MSOffice set, and the third from job search. Each participant got a number of tips (already knowing their predispositions) on which portals to look for job offers. Based on one of a number of web wizards, we have meticulously created our CVs and cover letters. We also learned the "trends" currently prevailing when creating these types of projects, and what to put on such a document (to adapt and choose what is most important in terms of experience for our potential employer). The whole turned out to be extremely useful. I learned how to show seemingly irrelevant information as extremely useful at work.

A bunch of ideas

The activities described above can be enriched (also on your own) with interesting solutions. Running your own blog / other hobby activity on social media, or taking part in thematic forums of groups looking for work dramatically increases the chances of finding a cool, interesting job for us. You can also get references from a former employer (if any). Another thing worth noting are all kinds of courses, trainings, lectures, etc. - it is a very good way to use your free time in a very useful way. In this difficult period, it is worth trying to look after yourself as best as possible (generally, it's worth taking good care of yourself). Physical activity, healthy eating is an extremely important factor for our well-being. Of course, a good sleep is no less important after him. Let's remember that sooner or later, everyone looking for a job will find a job. I advise you from experience, use this experience positively, take care of yourself and others, and the world will certainly pay off more.