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Become a volunteer

"The greatness of a man is (...) his ability to exert a positive influence on those around him" (Bob Marley) If your passion is to help others, transfer knowledge and teach people and you feel the need to influence the world around you, join to us! By teaching others, you will gain the possibility of your own development, deepen your competences and receive methodological support in the field of Train the Trainer, and we will help you prepare for international coaching certification. If our mission and goals are in line with your values ​​and beliefs; if you have & nbsp; an idea for developing our organization and a lot of enthusiasm, contact us - we invite volunteers, public benefit units, public organizations and private sector companies to cooperate with us. Volunteering in the projects of the STELLA VIRIUM Foundation: Competition STELLA VIRIUM (STAR ​​OF POSSIBILITIES ) - Take part in the preparatory work for the Competition STELLA VIRIUM (STAR ​​OF POSSIBILITIES) , whose idea and mission is to shape the belief in the strength, beauty and unlimited potential of every human being as a learning being, developing his qualifications throughout his life, drawing from the various resources of his abilities, still exceeding the limits of his own and the surrounding world. Our only goal and desire is for the persons awarded with the Statuette to become a testimony of the multidimensional strength of spirit and mind. Volunteering for Career Turn and BBO Projects: Develop your skills as a TRAINER, COACH, MENTOR OR RECRUITER and share your wisdom, knowledge, experience, knowledge and skills with the beneficiaries of CAREER TURN and BARRIER BREAKING OPPORTUNITIES. The aim of these activities is to help and support people, especially the unemployed and excluded from various backgrounds, and to prepare them for new professional paths, especially in international, & nbsp; multicultural organizations and companies from the BPO / SSC sector. We expect volunteers to:

  • full commitment and enthusiasm for the tasks performed,
  • diligence and responsibility in fulfilling the assumed obligations,
  • optimism, enthusiasm and enthusiasm in the implementation of our project.

If you are interested, please contact us! Qualification Development Foundation STELLA VIRIUM ul. W. Syrkomli 11/8 30-102 Kraków tel. (12) 294 04 62, ext. 22 E-mail: